Tutoring/Home Schooling/On-Farm Learning

Certified and experienced teacher who is also an organic farmer


                 I want to help your child learn and succeed academically this school year. This is going to be a challenging year for student learning due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but I have the knowledge and experience to help students and families.  One-on-one or small group tutoring can provide continuity and support for students through a tumultuous year.  I recently resigned from my job as a high school science teacher to devote more time to my organic farm business. But I know I will miss working with students and helping them succeed. I am looking to combine my farm work with spending 20 hours per week teaching a student or small group of students.  Safety precautions will be taken to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.  I am most comfortable and experienced with high school but also have experience and am open to working with elementary and middle school students. Below are some descriptions of what I have to offer to students and families, but I am also open to other arrangements.  If interested, please contact me by email at info@sterlingorganicfarm.com to start a discussion, and we can make arrangements to continue the conversation by phone or in person.


Assistance with Online Learning

            Many students struggle to complete online learning without an adult in the home guiding and assisting them. I saw this first hand while teaching remotely during the spring of 2020. My five years of teaching experience have given me comfort and familiarity navigating online learning platforms such as Google Classroom, Canvas, Zoom, PowerSchool, Aspen, ClassDojo and more. I am especially good at motivating and assisting students with learning, attention and behavior difficulties, and have learned strategies to help students with executive function. I will make sure your child fully participates and succeeds in online learning, freeing parents to be more fully present for their own work. 

Making Learning Real for Students and On Farm Learning

          Teaching while working as a farmer has shown me the many real life connections between the school curriculum and life on the farm.  I once ran a school garden program for the Norwich Public Schools and saw students thrive while learning through outdoor experiences.  Connections to science are boundless on the farm, and with my five years of experience as a high school science teacher, I readily make science connections to what is going on at the farm.  Math fits in at the farm with calculating how many plants can fit in a row, how much organic fertilizer to apply to a certain field, and many other applications.  For English Language arts, the farm provides ample grounds to inspire creativity in writing.  Reading for information fits in with comprehending the instructions written on seed packets and gardening guidebooks.  I am happy to incorporate farm tours and on-farm learning into my tutoring/teaching practice.  The farm is located at 1080 Plainfield Pike, Sterling, CT.  We have an air-conditioned indoor classroom space as well as large canopies that can be set up outdoors.  Students can observe nature in our growing fields and through our wooded nature pathway.


Homeschool/Unschool Support

                I am happy to help in your homeschool efforts.  I can see many ways that I can serve as a resource to your homeschool practice.  For example, I can come and teach your child science if that is an area that you struggle with in homeschooling.  Or I can support a student who has an interest in farming with learning more about how to farm.  I am flexible to different needs/arrangements, so please contact me to start a discussion. 

Hours and Hourly Rate

                 My hourly rate is $35 per hour and I am available for up to 20 hours per week.  Families can team up to share the costs.  For example, I could tutor two students at the same time, and each student’s family would pay $17.50 per hour.  I am also open to a work share program where parents can spend some time on my farm helping with pulling weeds in exchange for a discounted hourly rate for tutoring.